Roofing Kensington

There is no better way to protect your Kensington, PA property than by keeping a good roof over your head. At Roof Gurus, we have been professionally installing and repairing roofs in the Philadelphia area for more than 10 years. Save your home or business now from costly repairs later. Call us today to schedule a Free roof inspection with one of our knowledgeable Home Improvement specialists. We know that each roof provides individual challenges; from the type of roof on your home or business to the way the drainage system is set up, that's why Roof Gurus provides an honest on-site analysis and true estimate of your roofing needs. Contact us today at 215-338-1804, we look forward to assisting you!

Roof Repair Kensington, PA

Roof Gurus proudly offers comprehensive residential and commercial roof repair services in Kensington, PA and the surrounding areas. If you have encountered a roofing problem that needs to be resolved contact us immediately. One of our knowledgeable Home Improvement Consultants will come to your residence or place of business and give you an accurate, on-site estimate of your roof repair needs. Call Roof Gurus at 215-338-1804 to schedule your Free consultation for any of our roof repair services. Don't wait until it's too late, call Roof Gurus today!

5 Ways to Tell if your in Need of Roof Repair

  • Check for signs of water damage on your ceilings and walls. This may include mold in ceiling corners, soft spots on the walls, peeling paint or drywall, discoloration of walls and paint and humidity and dampness on the walls.
  • Visually check your roof for problems like cracked, broken or missing shingles, loose materials, wear around chimneys or other outlets in the roof and signs of shingle granules in the gutters. 
  • Examine your property's gutters and drainage pipes to ensure they are correctly attached, not clogged and functioning properly.
  • Inspect the roof for any areas that might be sagging.
  • Look for any outside light shining through the roof into your home or business.

Let's face it, sometimes you are just not the right person to assess whether or not your Kensington, PA property is in need of roof repair services. If this is the case then do not hesitate to contact Roof Gurus at 215-338-1804 to set up a Free estimate, for roof repair services, with one of our roofing professionals. 

Siding Kensington, PA

Depend on Roof Gurus to be your #1 source for siding in Kensington, PA. We have provided professional siding services to the Greater Philadelphia area for 10+ years and have numerous references from customers in your community. Why go anywhere else when Roof Gurus is a one stop shop for all your siding needs and much more? Call 215-338-1804 to schedule your Free, on-site siding consultation or Schedule Now using our online Appointment Calendar



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